Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Dirty Weekend.

Do I need a licence to join The Dirty Weekend?

Most likely, yes. The only event that doesn't require you to have a valid motorcycle licence is The Dirty Weekend Ouarzazate, in Morocco. 

Do you offer bike rental?

Currently the only event we can offer bike rental for is The Dirty Weekend Ouarzazate, in Morocco. 

Can you cater for vegetarians / vegans / dietary requirements?

Yes! We can cater for most dietary requirements. Please contact us to confirm if you have a very niche requirement or severe allergy. Veggie & vegan alternatives are no issue.

What does my ticket include / not include?

This varies slightly between events but most events include camping or a bunk, evening meals and breakfasts, evening entertainment, GPX files for all ability levels, professional photo & video, raffle entry, free recovery, welcome pack, access to tools, access to a well stocked bar, access to toilets and showers.

Unless otherwise stated, the ticket does not include: fuel, bike hire, transport to and from the event, lunch, drinks (other than water), spare / replacement parts, a trail guide, loan of GPS device. 

What is the cancellation policy?

75% refund up to 4 months before event.

50% refund up to 3 months before event.

25% refund up to 1 month before event.

No refunds for cancellations made under a month before event date.

We will always do our best to connect you with people on the waiting list to re-sell your ticket if the event is sold out. 

How can I keep up to date with new events and ticket releases?

The most direct way to stay up to date is by signing up to out mailing list. You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

Is there a forum where I can ask questions and meet riders prior to the event?

Yes! We have set up facebook groups for each region so that attendees (and potential attendees) can reach out for advice, ask questions about the event, find people to ride with, and generally engage with a growing community of like-minded adventurers! You can find these groups via our facebook page or by searching 'The Dirty Weekend U.K.', 'The Dirty Weekend Australia', 'The Dirty Weekend Morocco' etc.

Is there an age limit for The Dirty Weekend?

There is no fixed age restriction for The Dirty Weekend, however, all participants must be licensed to ride their motorcycle on the road. For example, in the U.K. you are welcome to join us from the age of 16 if you have a valid CBT and road legal 50cc motorcycle, you can join at 17 with a CBT on a 125cc etc. 

The only exception to this rule is for our Ouarzazate event in Morocco, where no licence is required. Riders must be 18+ to hire a bike for this event.

Can I bring my family or friends with me?

Unfortunately not, we do not have the additional space to host non-riders and want to ensure this event stays true to the ethos of being created by riders, for riders. We understand it can be hard to justify time away from your family, and they may want to be included, however we can't cater (and aren't insured) for additional guests. 

Can I just come for the meal? 

We apologise for setting your off your tastebuds with images of our insane farm-to-fork feast but there is no way to attend the evening festivities and meals without a full weekend ticket. This event is a shared experience which you need to fully take part in to receive the benefits. Additional guests are not able to join a ticket holder for meals. 

How do I get to Ouarzazate, Morocco?

There are multiple options for travel to Morocco, both direct and indirect. If flying, some cities now offer direct flights to Ouarzazate, including London Stanstead. You can also fly to Marrakech and we can arrange a transfer on request.

If travelling by road from the U.K. you can take the Eurotunnel or any ferry to France or Spain before catching a ferry from Gibraltar to Morocco, and riding down to Ouarzazate. 

Direct ferries to Morocco are available from Barcelona, Montpellier, and Genoa.

If you want to bring your bike but don't feel like riding you could use a company like Fly and Ride Motorcycle Transport to deliver your bike closer to the event, or bring a van. 


If you have any other questions not covered on this page please contact us via email, on social media, or the chat function on this website.

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